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Business Express Line of Credit

One thing every business owner needs is peace of mind. A Business Express Line of Credit can help level out operating cash flow, simplify a major capital expenditure or simply add assurance that your business can power through anything. The flexibility of our Business Express Line of Credit lets you tackle life confidently and comfortably.

Secured and unsecured Business Lines of Credit are available.
Business Lines of Credit with terms starting at 36 months. Even the option for interest only payments to give your business that extra flexibility. 
Get approved once for a Business Express Line of Credit and get access to cash when you need it from inside HCU Digital Business Banking. Having peace of mind couldn’t be simpler.

Express Line of Credit Features

  • Extremely flexible terms
  • Repayment terms start at 36 months
  • Advances can be made online or at any HCU branch
  • Secured or unsecured lines available
  • Can either be a revolving line of credit or a declining line of credit, depending upon your needs

Have a Loan Officer contact you about a Business Express LOC.