Fraud Prevention

It’s important to protect finances and your identity from fraud.  One wrong click of the mouse can cause all kinds of trouble.  We want to help you identify the types of tactics scammers may use to gain access to your accounts or even steal your identity.  Knowing how to avoid suspicious emails and phone calls can go a long way to keeping your personal and financial information safe.  

It's the Heartland Way.

Some examples include: IRS telephone scams, lottery and sweepstakes scams, even banking scams

  • Your financial institution will not ask you for an account number or your social security number
  • Be suspicious of any pressure to send funds via wire or prepaid reloadable gift cards
  • Be aware of any information about scammers and fraudulent activity that has recently happened
  • Scammers often claim an emergency, hoping for a response without checking out the situation first
  • Red flag warning if the call insists on secrecy